Friday, November 6, 2009

so called rainbow HEART

                                             Have u ever seen a RAINBOW?
my heart is just like the RAINBOW..
is it beutiful?
 subhanaALLAH, yes, it is :)

my beloved brother once said:

"you can do it. I know u can, and u always can. u have beaten many hard obstacles before and i believe that this time u can overcome it nicely like u always did..insyaAllah. yg pntingnya kena banyak bersabar dan percaya pd Allah, ok?"


the rainbow comes after the rain, isnt it??..
here, i am.

thank you ALLAH,
for giving  such wonderful life..


seorang musafir said...

(^-^)[giving u the sweetest smile i would ever had]

Ahsani Taqwiim said...

i love u..

seorang musafir said...

luv u 2 my dear~