Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ALL THE BEST, my self


Almost 4 months  I reached malaysia. this transition is real HARD. its not an easy phase for me.

Adaptation needs process. New place, meeting new people.. of course leading to new, MORE challenges. I would say, sometimes i was lost. I know I was almost broken into pieces when problems keep on coming. but I am proud to say, hey.. I AM STILL ALIVE. I am not broken yet =)


Its the reality.. but difficult to accept.
Its the major weakness, but difficult to change.
But life must go on.


"Redhalah dengan apa yang diberi Allah untukmu, nescaya engkau menjadi orang yang paling kaya"
(Hadith Termizi)

Ridha itu berpuas hati dan merasa senang dengan ketentuanNya =)

I MUST CHANGE, OTHERWISE THE PROBLEM WOULD STILL EXIST.  ALLAH will test me in one particular problematic area until I pass that one. So, if i fail, i cant proceed to the next new problem. the conclusion here is, life is full of problem, you need to face it and keep on improving. 

ALL THE BEST, my self.