Thursday, March 3, 2011

waiting for the approval

after a year..
almost a year i have been waiting..
just for one. one question to be answer, as YES..

after so long i received only NO. NO. NO
 answer.. so many tears come along.
with bended knees hoping, craving for that something

and this weekend,
everything is going be answered.

i wonder whether the answer is NO again. but for me, I have enough for that NO answer.

please o ALLAH. please!

im hoping.


ruby said...

approval?? what u mean? am i missing sumting dear? hahaa.. wehh bila mau ketemuan.. rinduan sama kamu dong =p

Atiqah Humaira said...

HEHE. well roby. memang banyak benda mu dah terlepas. hehe

jom2 jumpe. asek nak jumpe. mesti cancel last minit. busy sungguh kite ini.

Anonymous said...

Allah's love?

everjihad said...

smell something.. :)

moga Allah permudahkan urusanmu ya ukhti..

Allah is the best planner.