Wednesday, March 23, 2011

announcement of the love entry


and assalamualaikum wbkh to all  my wonderful readers.

i want to announce that starting yesterday, my status on facebook would be love entry.

please dont misinterpret. the love entry doesnt mean im now is in love,  coz it is not right time for me to experience it yet. im still single, peeps!! =)

but, i could not deny that my heart is in the phase of knowing one good person. so all the entry is basically, just to remind my self to control my feeling or even reflecting on my own attitudes. Thats all.

besides, this love entry is aimed to share my love and care to everyone. it also as a reminder of my faith towards the ALMIGHTY GOD.

hope it would give some benefits to everyone who read those entries. insyaalllah.

may ALLAH's bless all our deeds, ameen =)

take care, peeps!

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