Sunday, March 13, 2011

its never too late

My course which i take now doesnt suit me.
since first year, i do not perform in any assignment or even examonation.
but now, i am in year 4. the course almost finish within 2 months
huh, then, i must complete my 3 months practicuum, before being posted to school.

This is nonsense, yet the truth!
I still survive in the situation which i hate most.
so can i still survive in school later?
the journey is long.

but its never too late for me.
i dont say I want to quit my study,
but after I get confirmation for my job,then I will further my study.
Escapism for the betterment.

so now?
I must finish all my assignments.
stop being a great procrastinator.

Im just old enough to become a parent,
so please show maturity in DOING work..
Please, myself.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

there are always reasons of why you could hold this long and this strong. because we know, Allah has greatest plan for us. thats why you can stay until this stage my dear. you have done great! keep holding on :) may Allah ease you. amiin

Anonymous said...

all da best kak tqa^^

Atiqah Humaira said...

si gadis: insyaalllah, thanx ain. you are such a good friend of mine.

giving up is not the right word to associate with a muslim. right? whatever happen in my life, i shall not GIVE UP =)

may ALLAH ease u too, my dear

anonymous: thanx adek.